About us

IZITV company

IZITV company is based in France, and the main office is located in Lyon city.

IZITV is a licensed  TV channel provider for Armenian and Russian TV channels.

Our goal is to provide a quality content and to assure perfect customer service. The most important for us is to see our customers happy with our service.

IZITV team

We have a great team, all our employees are Armenians. Some of them live in Armenia some of them in Russia, others in France and the United States.

Our young and intelligent team members are interconnected with their solid Armenian roots and they do not hesitate to give all their energy to make our service better from day to day.

IZITV Mission

Being far from Armenia Armenians try to find ways to be connected to their motherland. And our company's goal is to make our customers Feel Like in Armenia .

For these purposes we offer all Armenian media in one place, all TV Channels, new and old movies, radio channels, even Armenian daily fresh news.

IZITV provides

  • Quality content, high resolutions for TV Channels and for Videos
  • 24h technical support available via Phone, Skype, Online Chat, Email, Team Viewer
  • Fast and free shipping to every country in case of ordering our IZIBOX
  • Cross-device and multi-platform player so our customers can watch our content on any device
  • High availability in 60 countries so practically you can watch our channels everywhere in the world

IZITV Service includes

  • Armenian TV channels in High Quality rebroadcasted directly from Armenia
  • Armenian Radio channels
  • Armenian new and old Movies, updated every week
  • Armenian Cartoons for our kids, updated every week
  • Armenian new and old music video clips, updated every day
  • Armenian News that you can read directly on your TV, updated twice a day

Availability and technology in use

IZITV is available in more than 60 countries and for each country we try to have a highly available, optimised and quality service to assure a best user experience for our customers.

IZITV makes it possible to use all Armenian media content on all devices and everywhere.

You can watch your channels on Android, iOS, Windows, Macintosh devices and on LG, Samsung Smart TVs.

With our IZIBOX designed specially for IZITV, any TV becomes smart. IZIBOX ensures high picture quality and high resolution that no other Smart TV can do.