Technical characteristics

IZIBOX is a very powerfull TV Smart box designed for IZITV.

It englobes very powerfull Amlogic quad core processor (CPU) and powerfull quad core Mali graphical processor (GPU), which ensure very high quality of image and television signal rendering.

IZIBOX is equiped with 32 GB of FLASH memory and 4 GB of SDRAM memory which guarantee very fast and smooth responsiveness with very agreeable user experience.

Remote Control

IZIBOX remote control (izi RC) has a smart and very handy functions.

It can learn key buttons from other remote controls that you have at home.

For exemple it can turn ON/OFF your television, change the volume of television so you dont need to carry with you 2 remote controls. Only with izi RC you can control also your television !

For details how to configure your izibox remote control please read the notice located at the back side of your remote control. If you will have any questions feel free to contact us.

New intuitive and friendly interface designed specialy for IZITV

Fast, smooth and easy navigation because of IZIBOX ultra fluid and visually clean interface

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Essential Applications

We have included essential media applications in IZIBOX ...

With IZIBOX YouTube application You can watch any YouTube video in High Definition directly on your TV with your family.

Listen Armenian Radio stations and watch all Armenian music video clips directly on your TV

Listen Armenian Radio stations and watch all Armenian music video clips directly on your TV

You can connect a USB camera to IZIBOX and use integrated skype application to make video calls. You will see your frien face directly to your TV. It is very practical to use this future when you want to see all family members in big screen.

Facebook, Odno, Tweeter, VK and more...
Please folow this link to see all applications of IZIBOX

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  • iziRadio
  • AirPlay
  • iLurer
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Skype
  • Odnoklassniki
  • Vkontakte
  • Twitter
  • Google Maps
  • Chrome

We recommend that you use all IZITV services with IZIBOX

IZITV is available on all devices like iOS, Android, MacBook, PC, Smart TV but if you want to have better quality, high performance, and to have more complate solution for your Armenian media (and not only Armenian), we recommend you to order your IZIBOX.

Even the latest Smart TVs cannot insure the same quality that IZIBOX has. There is no any Smart TV that can be compared to IZIBOX with his CPU and GPU characteristics.

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